Sign Tom Colicchio's petition: Tell Congress to reduce food waste and feed hungry families

Tell Congress to reduce food waste now and feed hungry families

Nearly 50 million Americans are food insecure -- including 15 million children -- yet in the U.S., roughly 40% of all food produced and sold in this country is wasted.

If American households, food producers, restaurants, and everyone up and down the food chain reduced food waste, we could provide more than enough food for the millions of Americans who go hungry every day.

The solutions to reduce food waste are easy and lawmakers in Washington can do something about it. Congress must adopt smart policies to reduce food waste now.

Far too many Americans are going hungry, and the solution is literally sitting on our farms and in trash cans and landfills. Perfectly safe, nutritious food is being wasted every day that could help feed hungry families.

For example, one simple solution Congress could tackle would be the ubiquitous "sell by" dates on food. We all know that most food is safe far past this arbitrary date, but if we can change the standard by which food producers and grocers label food, there will be far more healthy, safe food available for more Americans.

While public awareness about food waste continues to grow, Congress needs to catch up. That's why we need to apply as much pressure as possible on our lawmakers to act now. Every day we fail to act, more American families go to bed hungry -- and that's unacceptable.

Please join me and sign my petition urging Congress to pass sensible legislation to reduce food waste now.

Thanks for all you do.